Author: August Light
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: 8/28
Extra info: August has dyslexia and English is not his primary language, so bare with him if he makes mistake with English or if he doesn't understand your questions.
Even the Odds was made with the same world setting as Twokinds (by Tom Fischbach) All the Licenseing follows Twokinds License.
I decided to draw EtO while I was making my own different comic "The Genesis: Garden of Eden". Since I had NO experience with drawing comics, I thought it woudn’t be bad idea to make an extra comic to practice drawing comics and test different elements. I thought making another world setting would take too long, which made me to decide to use one from an existing comic. I used one with a similar world setting to my own. That comic was Twokinds. Since it's similar I didn't have to put a lot of thought into making storylines except some changes in the world setting. (The Twokinds world is based on Fantasy whereas mine is based on Science-Fiction and have a lot of religion background to it).